Dallas Real Estate Rising to the Top


At the top of the real estate list we have Dallas. Yes, Dallas- not its sister city Houston, which has been at the top of the real estate market for the past number of years. Dallas is extremely hot right now due to investors earning almost 20% unleveraged return for residential real estate investments. As of late, Dallas’ job market has become very strong, thus leading to a shift in the real estate market. In the past two years the city has added over 250,000 jobs, causing an influx of inhabitants to the city. The majority of jobs in Houston are tied to the energy industry, while jobs in Dallas are not. Dallas has more of the variety of different jobs to choose from causing more investors, young professionals, and citizens to want to migrate there. With the job market booming and young professionals flocking to the city, demand increases and local economy gathers the benefits of a growing population.  Another important reason why Dallas is on the rise is because of the surge of revitalization efforts.  These efforts will only benefit the city because it will draw more businesses and people to come to Dallas. They are transforming “bad neighborhoods” into valuable real estate for those looking to get close to the prime downtown cityscape.

Downtown Dallas is another reason people are flocking to the city. It is an awesome place to be around because you will never run out of things  to do. Many people enjoy the exciting nightclubs, or even a romantic dinner at one Dallas’ 4-star restaurants. If you are someone who loves to get those breathtaking skyline views I would definitely suggest you take an elevator to the top of the Reunion Tower for one of the best views in town.

Another prime real estate location to consider when you are in Dallas is the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and the Dallas Stars hockey team. This is a premier sports and entertainment venue with seating capacities of 20,000 attendees for concerts, 19,200 for basketball, 18,000 for hockey, including 142 luxury suites. Thus, the American Airlines Center is equipped to host nearly any size event. This remarkable facility is one the bright spots in the landscape of downtown Dallas.

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