Top 5 Real Estate Apps for Investors

One of the hottest real estate apps on the market is BiggerPockets. This unique app allows you to easily engage in the BiggerPockets Forums to answer or ask questions about real estate at any time. Networking doesn’t get easier much easier than that. Right now the app is only available on the iOS system – which means you need to have an Apple product to use it, but an Android app is being discussed for development in the future as well.

Another app you should download asap is MagicPlan. It allows you to create custom floor plans by just moving your phone or iPad around the room taking pictures. Yes, it is that easy to use. This app is great because you can quickly and easily make floor plans. Now, when selling a property you can now include floor plans, which makes your property even more marketable!

HammerPoint is an app that allows you to create detailed repair estimates for any job. You also have the ability to create new reports for each project. The app will actually guide you through each item that may need repairing and it will even offer you a suggested cost for that repair. This can be especially helpful for house flippers who are about to embark on a large remodel.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas
This is an awesome app that can become extremely addicting after just a one time use. It allows you to navigate through over a million high-quality photos of properties to get ideas and inspirations for your own properties. However, having the ability to scan through these beautiful photos can make you want to spend a lot more money on a remodeling job. This is one of the best apps on the market for getting ideas for your properties and even for you own house.

CardMunch is a great opportunity for real estate investors to network and grow their business. At the palm of your hand, you are able to snap photos of business cards from Networking events, and scan them into CardMunch so you can connect with those individuals on LinkedIn and start building relationships online.