Get to Know Alec Shklyar

Alec ShklyarAlec Shklyar first realized he was interested in real estate because of his professional endeavors in finance. A longtime stock market enthusiast, Alec sought out a financial internship for summer 2014. He found his opportunity at Main Street Renewal, a real estate fund which acquires and improves single-family properties in order to convert them into leasable homes. To prepare for the internship, Alec quickly began to learn as much as he could about the business. He began to follow local real estate listings, read industry guides, and tailor his investment studies to properties. The experience piqued Alec’s interest in residential and real estate, and he decided to delve more deeply into the strategies required to buy up properties, fix them, and rent them out.

Although Alec is primarily focusing on long-term real estate investments which help increase home value and stabilize neighborhoods, he does not have any particular focus on location. He knows he still has plenty to learn about real estate markets in different parts of the country, and is excited to see how they vary from place to place. Because Main Street Renewal primarily focuses on urban spaces, Alec hopes to expand his career to also learn about rural and farmland properties, especially because of their high values and delicate rebuilding processes.

Alec is a current student at the University of Virginia, where he focuses on economics and international relations. He is working toward a more well-rounded understanding of finance and how its systems change from country to country. This way, he can someday take his real estate knowledge to a global level and hopefully expand the amount of high-quality, affordable residences in struggling neighborhoods. Alec will graduate from the University of Virginia in 2017.

Alec ShklyarBecause Alec has years of experience in the stock market, starting with the purchase of his first stock when he was still in high school, he has always been fascinated by asset valuation and the ability to calculate risks versus potential profit. He utilizes these methods whenever he studies the potential reconstruction and sale of a home.

In the future Alec plans on working in the same real estate investment fund in New York and more thoroughly learning every step of their systems and their approaches to investments. He hopes to build a long and profitable career in finance, focusing on multiple sectors and combining his knowledge in investment banking, stock trading, and real estate.

Outside of his financial inclinations, Alec particularly enjoys the NFL. More specifically, he harbors a deep passion for the Green Bay Packers. With his mother’s side of the family hailing from Wisconsin, he has adopted the Packer team as his own. One of his fondest memories was watching the Packers when they became Super Bowl champions in 2010, and ever since then Alec has made an effort to diligently support his team every game they play. Perhaps it is for this reason that Alec played football.

The adrenaline rush was second to none every Friday night. As a defensive back, Alec Shklyar learned to harness his passion and use it to build the resilience and mental strength he would come to be known for in competition. It is this same resilience and mental strength that has driven Alec’s successful academic and soon to be professional career.